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Turnkey Contracting Of Electrical System Services

Adharshila Power Corporation undertakes complete turnkey contracts of Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning for all type of electrical project’s design, development, execution, up-gradation & renovation works as under: -

Switchyard up to 33 KV.
Outdoor/ Indoor Sub-Station up to 33 KV.
H.T./LT Transformers up to 10 MVA.
Supply, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Repairing, Overhauling. Fuel exhaust piping, heat/thermal insulation, cladding, acoustic lining, sound proofing, operation & maintenance etc of all type of D.G. Set up to 3000 KVA.
Supply of all type of H.T. /L.T. Panel, Capacitor Panel, A.C. Panel, UPS Panel, APFC Panel, D.B.s, MCCs, UPSMDB, AC/DC Control Panel and AMF Panel for D.G. Set.
Deals in ladder type / perforated cable trays and race ways.
Supplying of TPN Bus-duct and Trunking.
33/11 KV overhead line and underground line.
High Mast /Road lighting.
33/11 KV heat shrinkable joints straight through joint, resin cast joint and L.T. Cable end Termination both with single/ double compression glands.
Earthing protection systems (Plate/ Pipe electrode/ Chemical)
Industrial Installation all machines, motors & pumps.
All internal electrification for outsourcing units, BPOs, Hotels, Malls and Studio etc.
All kinds of Steel Fabrication of different Structures.
Automatic / Manual Power Factor correction/ improvement devices.


External Electrical Works

External Electrical Work comprises of all high and medium voltage switchgears , transformers , generators and many other power transmission and distribution elements , In short external electrical work is the base for entire electrical system .


External electrical work is more challenging and it calls for taking many factors into consideration . for planning external electrical work, we have a dedicated team of engineers to take care of all the factors like climate, wear and tear and exposure to heat while planning external electrical work which includes

  • a) Medium Voltage Switchgears and Transformers Installation.
  • b) Standby Diesel Generators and Changeover Switch.
  • c) Isolators and Disconnect Switches
  • d) Panel Boards-Final DB,SMDB,MDB
  • e) Motor Control Center(MCC)-Electrical Motors and Starters
  • f) Capacitor Banks-Power Factor Improvement
  • g) Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems
  • h) Duct Banks and Cable Trenches
  • i) Bus Duct and Bus Bar Risers
  • j) Uninterrupted Power Supplies(UPS)
  • k) Selection of Cables, and Cable Tray, Ladder Systems, etc.

Internal Electrical Works

With the assistance of our experts, we are occupied with delivering Internal Electrification Services. To deliver these administrations, we follow a deliberate way to deal with make work process of a proficient and smooth way. The offered administrations are delivered in consistence with the worldwide norms using the most recent devices and innovation Our offered administrations are exceptionally valued by our customers because of their brisk and quick assemblage, cost adequacy, and so forth We invest wholeheartedly in declaring ourselves as a figured specialist organizations, engaged with giving Internal Electrification Services which gives an ideal light fitting in the ventures and workplaces. Upheld with the best business experts, we give quality based Internal Electrification Services to our significant clients.


Internal Electrification Services are critical for any structure as any issue in it can cause the unsettling influence of the whole working of any firm or foundation. Our Internal Electrification Services are conveyed by the master experts who have a more profound information about the field and can perform different capacity associated with the cycle without hardly lifting a finger. We ensure the flawlessness in the establishment, wiring and other related cycles. These Internal Electrification Services are given at sensible costs.
Internal Electrical Works are needed to be done in almost all organization or public utilities like malls, hotels , hospitals, industries and offices which includes

  • a) Layout of electrical fixtures.
  • b) Conduit layout for light and power points.
  • c) Switchboard and distribution board details.
  • d) Specifications of wires and cables.
  • e) Specifications of miniature circuit breakers(mcb),earth leakage circuit breakers (elcb) and other equipments, etc.

Sub Station

Electricity without transmission can not be utilised unless consumers are closer to power generation plants . For a safe transmission, we are offering reliable substations of 11/22/33 Kv Substation Electrical Work . We have successfully created an industry-wide reputation as the one-stop solution for all your substation construction needs involving estimating and supporting, material purchasing, base construction, tracking and expediting, and steelwork.


Why We Need Electrical Substations?

A Electrical substation is a link between power grid to distribution areas. It functions to provide a proper operation to the power system, involving the interlink of power lines from various parts of the system, monitoring and controlling, and the safety of the power system tool. A substation reduces electricity voltage, we assure you it is the easiest and safest medium to deliver electricity to household and commercial buildings. When you move your business to a new area that has little to no power supply infrastructure, it can lead to constructing a substation close to the building. As we manage 11/33/66 KV substation supply installation work, allow us to be your visioner and executioner and offer you the dreamed results at most affordable costs. Our team has executed numerous similar projects involving high-voltage substations, switching stations, and interlinked stations ranging from 33kV to 66kv in various part of country. Our substations are employed to boost up the line voltages when the distances between generating stations and end-users are considerable, and there is a significant drop in transmission voltage because of it. Our substations assist in converting high voltage to low voltage and low to high voltage relying on the demand. We provide well-designed substations in which different distribution circuits are isolated for repairs and load shedding .

How is Substation Construction Fabricated ?

From new installations to essential maintenance, expansion, or reconstruction work, we take pride in dealing with high-voltage, switchyard, and interlinked substations in areas running from remote environments to sense urban locations. Our expert team follows the necessary steps during the creation of a project, from creating the work zone, preparing the substation site to lay the foundation and installation before physically starting the project.
We tend to generate substations that generate voltage like 11kV, 33Kv, 66kV, etc. such huge voltages require transmission over significant distances. This involves substations linked with high voltage direct current and energy storage solutions for improved frequency response major projects. We calculate this reduction somewhere to 10% as per all physical factors, which is why we add 10% more in the actual target and neutralize the losses to get the desired results. Our experts focus on increasing voltage, stability, decreasing current, enhancing power factor and voltage regulation when it comes to long-distance transfer within fewer losses. Whether you need the support of our 11/33/66 Kv Substation Electrical Work Contractor In Delhi for one small element of your project, or you want our assistance from start to end; we will offer a broad range of services and complex substation solutions. We have also constructed static car compensation stations with sophisticated dynamic systems.

We Are A Well-Experienced Substation Contractor

We have a professional team with necessary expertise and knowledge to manage projects with dedicated leadership. They will use state-of-the-art technology and methods to schedule efficiently, control quality, and assure the safety and success of each project under our domain. We thrive on leaving no room for compromises or errors as our substation experts continuously monitor all the projects to meet customer expectations. We believe we are qualified to adequately meet the unexpected challenge of any size project, from standard to complex. Our goal is to provide seamless services, integrated capability, and complete customer satisfaction. We also commit to safety, professional competence, top-quality standards for perfect substation design, build, and maintenance. If you want 11/33/66 KV substation supply installation work in India, we will guide and keep you updated throughout the installation process. We will even help in keeping the accurate value when reactive loads are needed to protect the generating plant and bring an increase in productivity.

HT Line

Adharshila Power Corporation has multiple teams for doing HT cable laying work. Team works under experienced electrical engineers. Work includes supply, testing, commissioning, installation of cables in trenches, trays and pipes undergrounds etc.
Our Team has 10+ years of experience in HT & LT line as well as our team is ready to work anywhere in India. Contact our experts for any types of industrial electrical work.

Our expertise
  • Overhead power line
  • Transmission & Distribution Lines
  • Under ground cabling
  • Transmission tower installation

Fire Alarm & Fire Detection System

A fire alarm is a unit made of several devices, which uses visual and audio signalization to warn people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide occurrence in the area of coverage. Fire alarms are usually set in fire alarm systems to provide zonal coverage for residences and commercial buildings.


The maintenance activities for fire alarm systems can be summed up in five steps:

1. Test and calibrate alarm sensors, such as flame and smoke detectors, per manufacturer specifications. This requires knowing about the different sensors—and their testing requirements, failure modes, and re-installation requirements.
2. Simulate inputs and test the annunciators. This requires specific knowledge of the system under test.
3. Set sensitivity. This requires an understanding of the particular system, the specific application, and fire detection theory.
4. Coordinate with fire department to test the input to their system.
5. Check the battery for corrosion and expiration date, then take appropriate action, if necessary.


Whether you need wired surveillance equipment or wireless, indoor or outdoor CCTV, night vision, continuous recording or motion detected activation, high definition picture quality,remote view via smartphone or other internet enabled device,we have CCTV and surveillance equipment to satisfy all requirements.



Data wiring is nearly as important to the electrical construction industry as power wiring. It’s no secret data wiring is nearly as important to the electrical construction industry as power wiring and the Datacom market is a great boon to electrical contractors.


Route Survey

The first step before any construction of the distribution lines in the electrical system is an initial survey of the proposed line route. It is really essential to create a proper detailed survey of the area where the power line is passed and the survey map should consist the road crossings, streams, rivers, railway line, bridges, houses, commercial building and all necessary construction which affected the area of the power line.


Access Control

Industry trends suggest electrical contractors may procure additional work by educating staff members about programming software for security systems, allowing their clients one-stop shopping for access-control systems installation.
In recent years, security has become an integrated part of what contractors deliver, along with communications and power. However, within the security industry, the ultimate contractual decision may be a question of after-sale servicing of a security system. This service is typically not offered by electrical contractors but, rather, by many security-system integrators responsible for a system’s initial programming.
With the two trades involved, opinions are diverse about whether it is best to employ two separate companies or one that encompasses all the talent necessary to install a security system; the available options provide various possibilities for success in the security field. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, health insurance companies, banks and credit unions, corporations, data centers, churches and schools can all benefit from access control systems. Without controlled access, patient privacy, financial information and employee safety are all at risk.



A sun powered electric or photovoltaic framework can dependably create power for your home or office. These little or conveyed galaxies are regularly introduced by home or entrepreneurs to counterbalance their power costs.
Sunlight based radiation might be changed over straightforwardly into power by sun based cells .Solars are the foundation of sustainable power for quite a long time. Sun oriented Panels are a plan of sun powered cells mounted in an edge and covered with glass. It is otherwise called Sun based PV Modules, sun powered plates or सौर ऊर्जा which changes over daylight into power


It is a clean and restoration wellspring of energy which decreases fossil fuel byproduct, diminishes power bill for a property holder, and has future of 25-30 years.

Sorts of Solar Panels

There are two kinds of solar panels accessible in India, for example,
  • Mono Translucent Solar Panel – Made of unadulterated Silicon cells, that creates higher force, Made of Mono Advantage cells with size 156 mm and 156 mm, it glances blackish in shading
  • Poly Glasslike Solar Panel – A conventional sun oriented board which are normally utilized, more affordable and Lower power age

Highlights of a Solar Panels

There are extensively 5 highlights in a Solar Panels accessible in Indian Business sectors.
  • 1. Cell Innovation – Mono Glasslike Sun oriented cells are most flawless crude material to make Sun based PV Module, The Force age is higher for Mono Advantage Translucent cells in bright, overcast and storm climate.
  • 2. Module Size – More modest Sun based panels will consume less space on housetop, Subsequently, a more modest size sunlight based board will cost more .
  • 3. Edge thickness – After Sunlight based Cells, Edge thickness is second crude material which impacts the construct nature of a sun oriented board. A Sun based board may have 30 mm – 45 mm Edge thickness made of Aluminum structure.
  • 4. Associating wires - Sun based panels are associated in one or the other Arrangement or equal interfacing for making a cluster, An Exhibit is the structure in which different sun based panels are associated, Subsequently, It is significant the sun based should accompany in any event 1 meter wire and with IP 68 Intersection box that makes it water and residue confirmation.
  • 5. Strong Glass-A sun based sheet will have sunlight based cells, Aluminum outline and straightforward glass, The Foldable sun based board which will have foldable glass has less opportunities to break.

Are you searching for experts for Solar Panels establishment?

No worries,we are here to help you. Even on the off chance that you are befuddled what should be introduced simply contact our electrical architects and we will be happy to figure energy utilization and different prerequisites to run your venture easily.

Services which we offer :
  • - Off-grid/Self consumption
  • - Designing custom solar solutions
  • - Consulting and Commisioning
  • - Supply of equipment
  • - Flat Roof Solar Panel Installation
  • - Pitched Roof Solar Panel Installation
  • - Ground Mount Solar Panel Installation

Switch to solar power energy the renewable energy, save electricity and lower down your electricity bill up to 70% down. Call our experts now.

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