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Designing & Consultancy

Designing & Consultancy

Adharshila Team believes in first understanding your goals and then providing you the best solution, which is tailored to your specific situation. Our efforts are firmly focused on delivering what you need, and we cooperate effectively with our customers to work out a package of services that fits perfectly. Share with Adharshila your objectives, your vision, schedule and budget and that we can assess the feasibleness of your project and get back to you with the foremost economical, efficient design and construction solutions available. From the initial feasibility studies, through planning and development, through project design and tender stage we will help you deliver a quality solution on time and on budget. Adharshila take pride in listening to the client’s objectives and project goals and then recommending the most efficient construction path and solution oriented assistance.

We are pleased to work with owner clients directly, government agencies, contractors or in support of other architectural/engineering firms. Our inherited experience across Indian region over the last 15 years speaks to the true value that Adharshila brings you the project design and efficient construction team. Innovative designs utilizing proven technologies all delivered in a safe fashion .Our projects are always on schedule, on budget with client satisfaction every time.


Why Designing & Consultancy is required

Design is one of the most important factor for a successful project . With new enhancements, technology has become exclusive, and no projects are similar. As a leading Electrical Turnkey contractor in India, we understand that each development requires a different approach and implementation of resources. Our professional teams of skilled electrical design engineers work with our clients in every stage to develop strategic objectives and offer electrical design solutions designed as per their needs.Thus design is what will set you apart from your competition and help you garner the desired emotion or feeling from customers.

Our Role As A Consultant

Expert electrical consultants design or manages the electrical contractor implementations . We have highly experienced, professional and team of engineers who work, coordinates and administrators the execution of client’s company. They will organize the fields and utilize their knowledge and skill in the overall execution of the plan.
Our company is completely backed up by services of experienced industry experts that help us in offering competitive electrical services for various industries. Moreover, the in-depth knowledge and experience of industry specialists providing such services also ensure accurate designing, layout, and consultancy service support is well-tailored as per different customers’ requirements.
Presently, the work sectors managed by our consultancy involves offering industrial electrification services, taking electrical/mechanical/interior turnkey projects, handling other related tasks. Additionally, our process knowledge allows us to provide suitable solutions, as well. Our experienced designers also assure that necessary visits are undertaken at specific sites, and a detailed survey is performed before the implementation of the Particular solutions for the client.

Why Do You Need Consultancy?

There is not only a single benefit of getting a consultancy, but many as a consultant, we can help you effectively, and hence leading to overall customer satisfaction. With our assistance, you can attain the right equipment in regard to price, size, quantities, technical needs, and in all completeness with their integration.
We will offer you the choice of numerous alternatives at the concept stage with solution that meet your needs. By getting in touch with our experts, your maintenance expenses are reduced because of highly expertise engineering designs. If you want a better project control, get proper consultancy as it is incredibly beneficial for functions, maintenance, and future expansion.
Not only this, but we also ensure to provide technical expertise and quicker execution of projects to save you a lot of time and money. After seeing the massive potential in this industry, numerous companies are coming up with expertise in the area of electrical consultancy. Still, it is vital to hire the ones who have the complete knowledge, hands-on experience and proven track record.

Our design procedure is as follows.

1. Assessment of general characteristics.
2. Electric Wiring: Domestic.& Industrial.
3. Sizing the main tails.
4. Sizing the kiln circuit cable.
5. Correction factors.
6. Tabulated current-carrying capacity of cable.
7. Cable size based on tabulated current-carrying capacity.
8. Check on voltage drop.

We provide our Design and consultancy services in given areas

  • a) External work
    • - Site preparation works.
    • - Roads, paths, pavings and surfacings.
    • - Soft landscaping, planting and irrigation systems.
    • - Fencing, railings and walls.
    • - External fixtures.
    • - External drainage.
    • - External services.
    • - Minor building works and ancillary buildings.

  • b) Internal layout
  • c) Substation
  • d) HT & LT Lines
  • e) Rout survey
  • f) CCTV
  • g) Data & Access Cable
  • h) Fire Alarm
  • i) Safety & Energy Audit
  • a) HVAC
  • b) Fire Fighting
  • c) Ventilation

  • d) Exhaust
  • e) Pneumatic Circuits
  • f) M S Structure

Why Hire US?

Our consultants are known for their design schemes and plans for a variety of industrial sectors. They work alongside the team of architects and contractors. They are entirely specialized in what they do and understand their role on a technical level, which is why we can cater to different industrial projects and requirements of our clients.
Without a doubt, electrical and mechanical deptt. is an essential part of our daily lives today. Some people may take it for granted and fail to understand that it isn’t safe for our health if one is not careful with electricity and mechanical works.But as a trusted firm, we ensure to provide electrical safety training to our staff, so they avoid any errors or unwanted situations. Make sure to hire our expert electrical consultant if you need well-designed electrical/mechanical and efficient interior or exterior.

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