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Company Policy

We are committed to provide quality products / system to the end user in the field of L.V.Systems through team work and continuously strive for improvement in Design, Engineering & Installation of equipments to achieve customer satisfaction.

The respective department heads ensure verification of records of products/ material/raw material from supplier/manufacturer and sub vendor to ensure quality at every stage.

For long running projects we appoint Management Representative who is responsible for implementing the quality system in addition to the routine work.

The Managing Director, Director, Manager, and Engineers carry out the review for maintaining quality and proper records and also render any help for smooth functioning, co-ordination between department heads. This helps to follow procedures, maintenance of records and ultimate aim to meet customer’s expectation in terms of specification and delivery.
Similarly Design Procedure is discussed with client/consultant and then internal discussion is held and necessary formats etc. are prepared/ adopted. At this stage, concerned department heads are involved.

Based on the above review and inputs the design department will generate – drawings and BOQ, specification, inspection details, etc. On readiness of design and specification as stated above, purchases of bought out material shall commence which shall include evaluation of vendors/sub contractors and subsequently carry out inspection.

Guide lines for handling, storage, packaging shall be obtained from manufacturer/ other competent authority .Whenever necessary help of external testing laboratories will be taken to assist us in this activity. Wherever agreed quality/inspection records can be made available for evaluation of purchaser or his representative.

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