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What We Offer

Adharshila Power Corporation offers
• Consultancy
• Contract on Turnkey Basis
• Annual Maintenance Contract

We undertake complete turnkey contracts of Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning for all type of electrical project’s design, development, execution, up-gradation & renovation works as under:
1. Switchyard up to 132 KV.
2. Outdoor/ Indoor Sub-Station up to 132 KV.
3. H.T. Transformers up to 10 MVA.
4. Supply, Erection, Testing, Commissioning, Repairing, Overhauling. Fuel exhaust piping, heat/thermal insulation, cladding, acoustic lining, sound proofing, operation & maintenance etc of all type of D.G. Set up to 3000 KVA.
5. Supplying of all type of H.T./L.T. Panel, Capacitor Panel, A.C. Panel, UPS Panel, APFC Panel, D.B.s, MCCs, UPSMDB, AC/DC Control Panel and AMF Panel for D.G. Set.
6. Deals in ladder type / perforated cable trays and race ways.
7. Supplying of TPN Bus-duct and Trunking.
8. 132/11 KV overhead line and underground line.
9. High Mast /Road lighting.
10. Supplying and Laying of all H.T./L.T. Cables on cable tray/ in hume pipe or underground.
11. 132/11 KV heat shrinkable joints straight through joint, resin cast joint and L.T. Cable end Termination both with single/ double compression glands.
12. Earthing protection systems (Plate/ Pipe electrode/ Chemical)
13. Industrial Installation all machines, motors & pumps.
14. All internal electrification for outsourcing units, BPOs, Hotels, Malls and Studio etc.
15. All type of steel fabrication of different structure.
16. Automatic / Manual Power Factor correction/ improvement devices. Operation maintenance, repairing, servicing of Transformer Oil dehydration / filtration and checking of BDV at site.